Everyone Flipped Over ‘Frozen’ But It Really Just Annoyed Me

The older I get, the more deeply I understand that communication is underrated. I just looooove talking to people about stuff. Most misunderstandings can be avoided if people would just speak up, clear up and man up.

I can’t stand speculation, wondering, fretting and fuming over an issue as I build a story about—or even a case against—the person or event currently festering in my never-turns-off mind.

I’ve been called a troublemaker or mean and who knows what else but, truthfully, I just try to be as genuine as possible in my day to day interactions. This means if I have a question, I ask it. If I don’t understand something, I get an explanation. If I feel misunderstood, I go to that person and clear the air. It seems so easy, I don’t get why more people don’t do it.

When Anna was breaking into her 14th year of the pitiful ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” performance, I was all caught up in why her parents couldn’t just get real up in that castle.

“Anna, the reason Elsa can’t come build a snowman is because she has freako hands and almost killed you once.”

Or Elsa could have taken the bull by the horns after her parents died and yelled at Anna through the door, “I can’t come build a snowman because I have this really weird affliction where everything I touch turns to ice. If I were to build a snowman with you, YOU’D be the snowman. Capish? Also, don’t tell anyone.”

It’s kind of funny that I work in a corporation where I must function amidst endless red tape, mountains of forms and layers of people who are assigned to each and every task. My coworker and I were working on a powerpoint presentation together and were receiving art direction through a layer of people.

<groan> I haaaaate that.

Some of this direction was clearly not going to work and so we began to stew. “Why does he want the graphic that way? It’s going to look so cheesy.”  “Why does he want a map of England there? That makes no sense”.

Then I remembered, ohhhhh yeaaaaah! We have a mouth that allows us to communicate directly with people. And a phone on which to call anyone we wish. So we called our creative director.

My coworker was reluctant, but went along. Afterwards, we managed to get the creative director to see our way. My coworker even told me she felt so much better after that call. And it only took 5 minutes to totally change our perception of the project.

Another time, a coworker told me that another coworker was asking, in front of my boss, if I had a problem with them. I didn’t. So I lined up a meeting with that coworker, my boss and me. In 5 minutes we all understood that there was no problem and we were free to go on with our lives. Not having any problems with eachother.

I will never be accused of being a woman of few words, but I wouldn’t (and quite possibly couldn’t) have it any other way.