Making Friends With Football

If you must know, yes Netflix, I am.

As if it’s any of your business. I don’t need you judging me just because I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights for 10 hours straight. It’s sweet and addictive and I cannot be held responsible. (See also: sabbatical)

I have never understood football—technically or spiritually. And it does seem almost like a religion sometimes. The levels of exaltation and enthusiasm are hard for me to fathom.

“Do you have money on this game?” I would ask hot boyfriend.

“Do you know the guys on this team personally?”

“Do you get a cut of their millions when they win?”

Then I don’t get it.

In case you haven’t watched, Friday Night Lights is set in a small fictional town in Texas called Dillon. High school football is pretty much the center of everyone’s world there. People do not dare be anywhere but the game on Friday nights. The coach gets dirty looks at the Tastee Freeze following a loss. Football players are like royalty.

I started watching Netflix a lot because I canceled our cable (See also: sabbatical). I have never watched a football game in my life, but this show got great reviews. At first I found the emphasis on football to be both annoying and comical. But then they got into the characters lives and I saw how football was woven into relationships, families and futures. I saw how it gave hope and purpose to a lot of kids and parents.

I’m learning so much on my sabbatical!

Percentage I understood the purpose of football before FNL = 0
Percentage I understand it now = 50

I am still not watching the NFL. Unless Kyle Chandler is starring. Sorry, hot boyfriend.

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