Pardon My Grumpiness, I’ve Had a Headache For… Always

indisposedandundiagnosed let me guest blog in her Illness Army section…maybe it’ll help others.

Indisposed and Undiagnosed

My first headache was after a painting lesson from my great aunt when I was 8 years old. And ever since.

I’m 42.

Is it my sinuses?
In the beginning, I suspect sinus headaches because congestion and watery eyes often seem to accompany the head pain. I do allergy testing and a CT scan of my sinuses. Nothing. I continue to try to figure out the cause of my headaches, but they are not occurring every day at this point so my efforts with primary care doctors are sporadic. And fruitless, obviously.

Is it my posture?
My headaches are about half the time now. I’m trying to take care of my sweet toddler while dealing with the pain. I go to a chiropractor and tell her it feels like work to hold my head up. I say that my head always feels heavy or like there is some kind of…

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