Conversations With Bunnies

Hannah and I used to do a little morning prayer routine on the ride to school each day. It was just a simple prayer from Marianne Williamson’s Illuminata that Hannah would read as I drove. I thought it helped us establish a little focus for the day and to get in the right mindset to conquer the world.

Somewhere between 5th and 6th grades, that book found a resting spot in the crack between the seats and the routine was replaced with us coasting to school, sleeping with our eyes open in complete silence.

Lately I had been thinking about how we could get back to a more mindful start to our day. I found myself super interested in addressing this issue in the daytime hours, but significantly less interested in it when the morning arrived mercilessly at 5:45am. So we continued our same old journey each morning, sometimes in silence and sometimes in conversation. But always kinda meh.

Then one morning, we saw them.

10-15 brown bunnies just scattered along the grass on the side of the road. This was a new addition to the usual bunny-less route we drove each day to the bus stop.

Where did they come from? We imagined that someone’s bunny stash had gotten out of control (“WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL OF THESE BUNNIES???”) so they put a bunch in a cage and brought them to the side of Gate Pkwy to set them free. It’s not a particularly rural area of town. In fact, it’s pretty developed. So it’s kinda unexpected to see brown bunny lumps just hanging out in the grass as we drive by.

They were there the next day, too. And the next. And they’ve been there ever since. Some days there are a handful—because some days bunnies like to sleep in—and other days there are a dozen or more. Hannah and I make them have bunny conversations.

It’s really foggy today. I could barely find my way out here from my bunny hole.

 Grass, grass, grass. What happened to carrots?

Is this all there is?

Yep, we’re still here.

BB wouldn’t get up and come out to the grass with us this morning. She’s so lazy.

Yeah, we’re brown bunnies! White bunnies are for chumps.

 BTW, lucky rabbits feet are a myth.

See ya’ll tomorrow! Same bunny time, same bunny channel!

So now Hannah and I get to start our day with a shot of zen, gratitude and joy all in one. And we receive this by doing nothing but driving to the bus stop. The bunnies take care of the rest.





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