The Trump Phase

The phase where ignorance finds credence. The phase where intolerance is applauded. The phase where anger boils and brews under the guise of “telling it like it is”. This is the Trump phase.

It’s even keeping Hannah up at night.


I don’t know. But I hope it’s just a phase.


  1. Funny thing is, folks voting for Trump feel the exact same way about people who vote for Clinton or Sanders.
    Ignorance? Yep.
    Intolerance? Definitely.
    Telling it like it is? Oh, wait. There’s the difference. Trump folks think the other side just tell lies.
    It will be an interesting November, that’s for sure. The months before the election, though, that will probably get pretty hard to take. Am I the only one who gets really tired of all the insults being hurled? How about candidates just addressing the issues?


    • I think Trump is a whole new level of everything …different from any candidate we have ever seen, left or right. Sticking to the issues would be ideal. Honestly, I tune most of it out since it seems so out of my control anyway! 🙂


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