Can You Take The Baby Outside? And Other Things

Going to public events is the epitome of growing toward the sun. We went to a lovely school spring showcase last night at Hannah’s school. The kids were like little grown ups playing their violins, singing their opera and reading their angst filled poems. Each of them sharing their gifts with us and giving the performance of a lifetime.

Then you have intermittently crying baby with a parent who doesn’t want to give it up and exit the theater. And late arrival peeps who can’t find a chair so they stand in front of people in chairs. And the low talkers who like to discuss performances in real time. And constant inners and outers who open and close the door so many times during performances that it reminds me of Cheers when someone would come it and all of the patrons would collectively yell “CLOSE THE DOOR!”

To all of whom I say, Bless Your Hearts. Or something.

But it was a lovely show!

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