Observations & Admiration On Memorial Day

I didn’t notice until I got older. All the blanks I could now fill in. About a quiet hero, my grandaddy.

Grandaddy didn’t give opinions unless he was asked. And if you were smart enough to ask, you could count on walking away with some new insight or life lesson.

He didn’t brag about his achievements though there were many. Instead, he set an example that you longed to follow.

He never complained, but worked very hard. He was strong and did what had to be done.

He offered generous help and support when you needed it, but would never mention to you how many times he had come to your rescue.

He had a sense of humor and a devilish grin. Always a new joke to tell.

I remember sitting in Grandaddy’s big Lincoln Town car which was the perfect car for him. Classy, handsome, dependable, smooth, unforgettable.

Grandaddy loved quietly, but kept the people and things that mattered close to his heart.

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