Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

I used to try to take care of evvvvvverybody’s problems. Their burden was my burden. It was my job after all. My self-appointed pro bono position in the lives of many unsuspecting family members and friends. Let’s face it, even strangers.

I have a hard time sitting by idly watching as things go awry when I always have the “perfect solution” cocked and loaded. That’s called micromanaging and I learned that it’s frowned upon. Even if the only one frowning is me. Because I’m exhausted from trying to control everything. I had to learn to say to myself Not my circus, not my monkeys and let people handle their own lives.

Then there are those people who request your assistance. Repeatedly. I feel like there’s a number of times you’re required to help, but I’m not sure where the cut off is. I remember recently my sister the sage told me a good rule of thumb for helping people.

“If I can help, I will…as long as doing so is not going to actively screw me over somehow,” she advised.

I’ve been using that guideline ever since. And only worrying about my own circus. I have stuff to do!

photo credit: Vintage Egg Cups – Circus Motif with Clown and Monkey via photopin (license)


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