Waking Up Angry

Our weekday wakey time is 6:00 with a departure to see the bunnies by 6:45 sharp.

This morning I saw Hannah was not up and about, so I did a courtesy walk by at 6:15. I see a blanketed lump.

“Are you awake?” I ask.

“Noooo…” she started. I walked away, not in the mood for this morning’s production of “Woe is Me”, written, directed and performed by my 13-year-old.

6:38 I sense no movement in the house. Surely she is not still….


She sprung from her bed. If she were a cartoon character, there’d be a crack on the ceiling where her head had hit.

I was angry. An expletive or two may have slipped out. Cabinets may have been slammed. Then anger and judgement melted into empathy. I realized she just couldn’t wake up this morning. Not like she does it every day.

I made her a quick breakfast. I guess oversleeping isn’t a crime. Sometimes the struggle is too real. Too real to deal, ya’ll.

Source: Lemur via Exactly

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