Those Were The Good Old Days…And So Are These

Ever since I can remember, my family has had what we call “Family Night”. Each Sunday, my dad’s side of the family would meet at my grandparents’ house for a 5pm potluck dinner and a hang out. There were aunts, uncles and cousins totaling around 15 people each week. Grandma would receive a weekly call from everyone to see what they needed to bring. And, just like clockwork, on Sunday evenings our cars would descend upon the long driveway with her coming out to meet each and every one.

My grandparents had a beautiful property on the river where Family Nights usually took place. I remember games of kickball that I never wanted to end. Being pushed high in the sky on the swing hanging from the big oak. Doing donuts around the fruit trees in the golf cart, willing it to go faster.

Growing up, I thought that’s how families were and that’s what families did. Only in the past several years have I realized the specialness of these gatherings. I realized that some people don’t have families as big as ours. Some families don’t get along. Some people only see eachother once a year, or never.

We still meet for Family Nights—now once a month—and we have new babies and kids of all ages. I realize now that we have our grandparents to thank for beginning this tradition. And the aunts and uncles to thank for keeping it running smoothly.  I have stopped to realize: those were the good old days …and so are these.

What family memories or traditions have you taken for granted or especially appreciate? Comment below!

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