Remembering Pretty In Pink And Why Andie Should Have Stayed Single. Obviously.

Hannah was forced dying to go see Pretty in Pink with my sister and I when theaters brought it back for its 30th anniversary. Upon arrival, she felt very lucky we didn’t wear prom dresses like some very enthusiastic audience members. Instead we said the funny lines with, or sometimes slightly before, the actors—which I’m sure everyone around us was fine with.

I still got excited when the Psychedelic Furs started playing and Andie’s little pink car pulled up to the school. My sister and I made fun of Steff and all the linen. So. Much. Linen.

So Duckie already established Blaine is not a name, it’s a major appliance. Turns out Blaine was as weak as his name. He didn’t stand up for Andie when his disgusting friends treated her like dirt. Then he ghosts on her and refuses to break up with her to her face like a punk. He was too afraid of being judged. So many red flags, Andie!

Blaine had some growing toward the sun to do.

Duckie adored Andie, but she only connected with him as a friend. And I get that. You can’t feel what you don’t feel. And she was a good friend to Duckie. She couldn’t help that he wanted more.

In the end, Andie mistakenly gave that whimpering richie another chance. He even had the nerve to say to her, “I believed in you. I always believed in you. You just didn’t believe in me.”

How dare you, sir.

“What does that even mean?” my sister asked.

“Yeah that makes noooo sense,” I agreed.

“She needed to end up with neither of them.” Hannah was adamant. “The last thing we need is another forced relationship full of dysfunction!”

Not sure who “we” is, but I thought it was funny.

Fun fact: They original ending had Andie ending up with Duckie, but test audiences reacted badly to that version. So they changed it to have her end up with Blaine which I find puzzling since no one I have talked to EVER has been happy she ended up with the appliance.



  1. Thank you, you have solved a mystery for me! For years I’ve been sure that I remember reading a serialisation in a teen magazine of Pretty in Pink which ended with Andie and Ducky getting together. Must have been the different version you mention! I much preferred it (as a teen I loved the idea that the person who never noticed you would suddenly fall in love with you!) but actually her walking out of the prom resolutely single in that bonkers dress would have been a much better ending!

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