Gun Violence Through The Eyes Of A 13-Year-Old

My daughter Hannah wrote this poem all on her own. We hadn’t even discussed the Orlando shooting yet. I wanted to share it because think it’s pretty amazing understanding for a teenager who is growing toward the sun.

Another day
another headline
it doesn’t even faze me
the violent attacks occur in my state
I feel danger barely graze me

the innocent lives that have been stolen
cowardly sociopaths on the run
fear and widespread panic
damage places that used to be fun

clubs and concert venues
where people go to feel free
malls and movie theaters
feel like battlegrounds to me

i have nightmares of what it feels like
to be pierced by the fiery blaze
a pain that i cannot imagine
i wake up, in an anxious, dark haze

I do not feel safe in america
home of the brave
land of the free
when tragedy is all i see

brothers and sisters murdered
for their race
or who they love
or the smile on their face

these senseless acts of violence
that keep me up at night
you’re comfortable because you’re selfish
don’t tell me it’s because of a right

written hundreds of years ago
in 2016, it barely stands
we need to take action
before it’s you holding up your hands


  1. wow…. I have no words, that even made me tear up a bit. So powerful and true. Hannah you are an insightful, smart, and wonderful young lady – and you have a great way with words. Your mom has several reasons to be very proud of you xx

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