How We Are Dealing With Gun Violence: The Definition Of Insanity

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”

What we are doing is not working. Common sense dictates that something different needs to be done.

We keep getting wrapped up in the whole “you can’t take our guns!” vs “but guns are bad!” thing, ignoring the fact that plenty of nations have their guns (so relax), but not the mass violence. Why? Their country is not magical. Their population is human just like ours. Why can’t we look at what other nations are doing and just do that? We don’t need to keep right fighting.

Australia had a normal reaction to a mass shooting that occurred in 1996. And that reaction was to be really alarmed and to do what it took to make sure it never happened again. And it hasn’t. It’s just that simple and I’m not understanding why we make it hard.

Just do something! Do something else! Do something until this ends!

Hannah texted me:

Hannah-gun-text copy

Speechless and sad. I think this shift in violence goes beyond gun control. It’s deeply rooted and I’m not sure how we get to it.

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