You’re Welcome

My fairly new-to-me place of employment has an entrance with double glass doors. Beginning on day 1, I noted that 99% of the people entering the building pressed the handicap button so that the doors would open automatically…and very slowly…instead of opening them manually. Even when their hands weren’t full.

Now, I’m not trying to be a hero, but that seems excessively lazy to me. So I choose to open the door the good old fashioned way. With my very own hands. Not that I’m judging (I’m totally judging).

So one earrrrrrly morning, I was approaching the doors about two steps ahead of another lady who was walking up. Just as I reached for the door, she pressed the handicap button and the doors started to open. I stepped back and waited for them to open……


It slightly annoyed me, but whatever. As I went through the doors, I heard her say something, so I turned around to see if she was speaking to me. “You’re welcome,” she repeated. I just stared at her, turned back around and kept walking (and praying she didn’t go to the same elevator bay as me, of course……she didn’t).

What makes a person do that??

I have never had the urge to chase someone down or demand a thank you. Have I noted their lack of thank you? Sure. But I do not get offended enough to pursue it further than that.

Later, as I repeated this encounter to my colleagues, they pointed out three major points:

  1. Technically, she’s wrong for using a handicap device when she is not handicapped.
  2. I was at the door first and already opening it.
  3. All she did was press a button.

When someone holds the door for me, I always thank them! Most people do that. But even if they don’t, my ego isn’t so wrapped up in their actions that I take the time to scold them. Four words: Bigger. fish. to. fry.

Me next time:


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